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What does Socrates mean by referring himself to a gadfly? ?

In "The Apology", Socrates refers to himself as a gadfly, clinging to the city as an insect would to a horse. What is...

Socrates was put to death for teaching the ideals of a republic so will i be?

Well not death, but will i be demonized by the media?

How is justice revent in our time in which Socrates talked abou in the republic?

How is the question about the advantages of justice now answered?

How does Socrates defends his position of the following quote?

"I wish now to explain to you, my judges, why it seems to me that a man who has really spent his life in...

Did Socrates have a profession other than being a philosopher?

And if not, how did he make enough of a living if a lot of people dismissed him as a crazy old dreamer?

If socrates was the greatest looking man alive, would he have been put to death?

People who look better seem to be taken so much more seriously. People pay more attention to them, and they are let of the hook...


Can someone give me some quick facts about socrates and does anyone know any movies that were based on him???

How did Socrates make money to eat?

As far as I know, Socrates charged no money for his teachings and had no money of his own, so how did he not...