Schizophrenic or Telepathy?

I feel like people are doin horrible things to me threw telepathy and i also belive that about 3.8 billion people on earth are...

how do I get that flying sensation through meditation?

I read that you can get that flying sensation like you get in your dreams but its through meditation...How do I make this happen?...

Aleister Crowley- What do you think?

I been reading some of The Beast's stuff...lot of modern magical theory is based around it and it attempts to combine a lot of...

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Satori: Glimpse of Enlightenment

Satori is a glimpse of the ultimate… as if you are seeing the Himalayan peaks. But you are far away, you are not on the peaks, and you have not become the peaks. It is a beautiful experience, very enchanting, exciting, challenging. Perhaps it may lead you towards samadhi. Satori is a glimpse of samadhi

Samadhi and Satori : What is the Difference

With Samadhi your old self is gone who was always in the pursuit of happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment of desires and new self is born who doesn’t longs for anything, who doesn’t desires to achieve anything. In that moment when past and future ceases from existence, you become the present.