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Can you be at the same time a clairaudio and a clairvoyant?

if you need any additional details im here to tell you any info you want. Thanks for your answers

How Time is not same for the Two Observers according to Albert Einstein ?

i never get it please explain me in most simple manner

How can zen archery and zazen both be classed as the vehicle for the same awakening?

I know there are many methods of meditation in the midst of circumstances. I am interested in the theory that zen archery is...

Is it possible to learn pyrokinesis and cryokinesis at the same time?

Is it possible? I'm wondering if the two elements will defect each other or not, or if there are any effects at all? (Powered by...

Are psychic powers and witchcraft the same thing?

Is it a sin to attempt to gain psychic powers? Are they the same thing as witchcraft? Will one who practices/attempts psychic feats be...

Is clairvoyance the same thing as remote viewing?

I wasn't sure so I had to ask a question. ive been searching on things about clairvoyance and some bits of info i read about...

Is there anybody around today of the same caliber as Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba, or Osho Rajneesh?

These men have inspired me very much. They seem to have realized a state of being or consciousness beyond our comprehension. Does anybody know...