Can Witches mix different types of magick?

like Wiccan & Satanic or Voodoo & Hoodoo or Egyptian & Shamanism help please? thanks

healing with gemstones,crystals etc?

Im just wondering how we know certain stones, such as rose quartz,amethyst or crystal for example, have certain properties such as healing etc MORPORC tell...

When the Great Lord Buddha rested his right hand on the Earth at the moment of Enlightenment, why?

When the former human Prince Siddharta, after one year of continuous meditation, became enlightened, He rested his right hand on the Earth. Why do...

Due to Earth's limited energy source, is there any machine that can generate energy by itself ?

It is somekind of eternal moving machine. What is it actually called in science? I have been told that's no such machine yet. Is...

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