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Can someone recommend the best way to self-publish as a first time author?

I am writing several different things; one is a self-help book on smoking cessation (I quit 6 months ago), and another is on spirituality...

can anyone please recommend a medium or clairvoyant from the dorset area?

can anyone please recommend a medium or clairvoyant from the dorset area? i don't mind travelling a bit, but it's slightly limited as to...

Recommend any interesting videos or websites about enlightenment, consciousness, etc.?

I was just wondering if any of you guys had found anything really enlightening or interesting that you would like to share. I'm very...

Can anyone recommend me to any experts on using astral projection?

hi. im new at the whole astrall projection process. i know i've done it so many times before but never been aware of it...

Can anyone recommend a good yoga, meditation, or hypnosis dvd or tape?

Or a book but I prefer a dvd. I like both kundalini and hatha yoga and am looking for some new things.

Aleister Crowley question/ Why did Crowley recommend that his students talk backwards, walk backwards,etc?

why did Aleister Crowley recommend people should talk backwards, walk backwards and play records bacwards? I just was curious as to what...

Can you recommend a book by the Dalai Lama?

Or could you suggest what The Dalai Lama's best books are? I'm interested in books by the Dalai Lama aimed at the lay person, not...

Astral Projection Techniques – Can You Recommend A Good Astral Projection Guide or MP3?

I'm looking to learn astral projection techniques as a beginner.