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Can you be a REAL Christian and believe in astrology?

Isn't that a form of divination? Do you trust in God or in the stars?

fire bending for real?

I need to know how to really fire bend. I need to be completely devoted heart and soul, spiritually and mentally. I need to...

Do you believe that astral projection is a real phenomenon?

Instead of automatically dismissing it (like some do) what do you have to lose in trying/learning about it? ™¥

Any REAL psychics or clairvoyant ppl out there?

are you guys able to tell things by just looking at someone's picture or knowing facts about them? like for example their bday? ...

Christians, can you see the real meaning of The Scriptures?

Please read the statements below and tell me if you are seeing the big picture? Why don't people see the true meaning of the...

where can i find a real true online medium or psychic that is free?

i need to find a real online medium or psychic who can help me talk to my uncle and see my future if there...

Did anyone ever had a real encounter with a real clairvoyant?

if u did pleas tell me about it. why do u think they were reall and where can i find that person

How did Budai, the fat Buddha, get to be known in the west as the real Buddha?

Most people know now that the fat Buddha is not the real Buddha, but how did it even come to be that some people...