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If more parents, teenagers and young adults read Plato,Lao Tzu,Jesus and Buddha's teachings wouldn't there?

.....be less crimes,divorces,social and financial crises, suicides, mass shootings,racial disharmony, wars,etc? Insightful answer get BA fast! And thanks for your effort and time! ...

No one can read my Aura?

my Aura is so powerful it refracts all the colors of the spectrum and no one can read it. My friend claims he is...

have you read the book Parapsychology and the Skeptics?

It looks really interesting. Carter is being skeptical of the skeptics, questioning their conclusions and methods. It looks like a good analysis...

how do u read someones aura?

how do u read someones aura i need help thanks (no joke)

Can anyone recommend any good books to read on Astral Projection?

I am well aware I can google astral projection. I just wanted to see if anyone can recommend a good book they have already...