Please rate my yu-gi-oh deck on 1-10 and tell me how i can improve it?

please give me details on how i can improve my deck thanks, i mostly have monsters. monster cards, ojama yellow, ojama green, ojama black, mystical...

How do materialists avoid nihilism?

Think about it. We're just little specks of nothing in the middle of nowhere doing nothing substantial. Every one of us is going to...

Atheists: do you believe in astrology or superstition?

I once had an atheist friend who turned to astrology and superstition after she gave up religion and belief in God, because she "needed...

Is the Microcosmic circuit safe to practice if you have emotional or mental problems or blocked anger, anxiety?

I understand that some qigong practices can exagerrate the symptoms of such problems. Are there safer but equally effective alternatives for unblocking meridians?

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