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If you're psychic, can your powers work via the Internet?

If so, can you tell me just by this message board what my future is? I am in a rut. Would love some thoughts.

just asking but what are psychic powers?

ok this is for a report and i need to know psychic powers i know these categorize in this telekinesis seeing the future force field invisibility reading minds but...

psychic powers? healing?ESP? give me tips plz?

i Need tips and info on psychic powers I do that with the fingers!!!

how can i unleash my psychic powers?

i am a psychic i have seen the future before i just cant unleash my powers when ever i want to

If you could pick from these psychic powers, which would you choose?

Telepathy (read people's minds) Telekinesis (move things by just looking at them) See spirits

How do you develop psychic powers?

My mother, grandmother, and sister have them. They also claim to see ghosts and forecast uncanny details of the future from dreams. ...