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What's the point of having a third eye if you don't use it?

Seriously, people. Think for yourselves. A book can only tell you what is printed. Form your own ideas, and your own...

whats the point in opening chakras?

like does it make u have better health? and less stress? well. are there any other benifets? like. could u combine them and have...

What is the point of education to a zen Buddhist?

Beyond instuction on seated medition and the practice thereof, is there anything to be gained by futher instrucion beyond deviating further from enlightenment?

What is the point in entering a deep meditation?

Apart from "to relax" Does it heal the body? What is happening in a deep meditation? Thank you

Satori: At What Point Does Focus/Effort Become Covet?

How does one stay on task without staying on task?