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Can you only spiritually grow by interacting with others?

Can your soul evolve by being alone? Everyone says you have to help others or love others, but I feel there are other ways...

If the scarecrow represented Socrates, then who did the others represent?

Scarecrow was socrates, because he had no brain but wound up being very wise it reminds me of socrates quote "I am only wise because...

How do you “move“ the energy from the ajna chakra, to the others chakra`s ? ?

For people who knows or ``flows`` Others please dont discredit something that you dont understand, There is a sense of ``living`` where the your conscience...

Reading your aura and others?

What is the best way to see your Aura and others, I have allways had problems doing this.

What does it mean when others see your spirit guide?

Right! My spirit guide is a white wolf, one day I was out and my mother saw it at the top of our stairs....