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Is it bad to use the chakra system, or other new age stuff (white light envisioning, etc.)? Is it of Jesus?

I know Jesus was given powers from God to heal, but is it bad for us to attempt healing and imagining chakras, new age...

Who were other living historical figures alive at the time of Buddha?

Just was wondering who else famous was alive at the time that the Buddha was born?

Chakra, stress, or other?

I think I may be experiencing chakras (just maybe). Sometimes when I'm alone, I feel and odd tension in the middle of my forehead....

What is that ball, the Buddha and other sages are seen holding in their hands?

I have a statue of a meditating Buddha with a ball between his hand and another one of Confucius standing with his hands joined,...

Understanding the consciousness of other organisms?

Okay, I want to know how my dog thinks. How conscious are dogs compared to humans. In order to do this I must compare...

What are some other bands like Third Eye Blind and Oasis?

I love 90's music and Third Eye Blind and Oasis are my favorites! What are some bands that sound like them, or you think...

Any ideas of other famous Asian philosophers aside from Confucius and Lao Tzu?

Just the names and I'll search for their biography myself. Please! I really need it for my project in Social Studies.