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What are the advantages of opening one's third eye?

I do heard some morbid things about the experience of a person who has an open third eye..but I'm curious to it's advantages

How would a psychiatrist explain the opening of the "third eye"?

Just rather curious. My former psychiatrist asked me if my third eye had opened. She understood.

what are the risk of opening their third eye?

i want to open my third eye but i want to know the risk and the benefits??what are the precautions i need to take>>i...

Eyes Involantarily opening during meditation..or lucid vision?

Deep in meditation, I am highly aware of my body and/or surroundings depending on the state of meditation (outward or inward, or nothing). A...

Does anyone have any advice and insight on Opening chakras?…?

Particularly the third eye. What are the effects and How would one open then fully. Ide mostly like advice on the third eye and crown chakra,...

Chakra opening meditation?

I've been doing some chakra cleansing and opening meditations for a while now, however I feel I still have a long ways until they...

Do you know the symptoms of the third eye opening?

What are the sensations & symptoms that occur when one has their third eye opening? Have you experienced it yourself or is your understanding theoretical? Thanks...

begining meditation and chakra opening with no expiriend where do i start?

ive red up on chakras and meditaoin and know all about them but were do i start?help?