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How to open you're Third Eye!!!!!?

also does you're third eye have to be open for you to do "Remote viewing" aka "Clairvoyance"

what do i need to do to open my own metaphysical/occult shop?

it has always been a dream of mine. and i am starting to get the feeling that if i ever want to do it....

What do you see if you open your third eye?

Im not sure if i believe that we all have one, but if we do, and we are lucky enough to open it, what...

How to open the third eye?

how do you open ur third eye a safe and fast way

How to open up your third eye?

I already asked this question but didn't get many answers and I think i chose the wrong category. So here it goes. ...

how to open your chakras?

i took a test and it said my root, sacral, and heart chakra was under active at first i wasn't sure but once i...

How do you open your Third Eye successfully?

I have heard its a long and difficult process involving deep breathing and meditating I just need a simplified answer to this question.

can people who don't meditate have open chakras?

I meditate and practice opening them with chants and such, but I wonder if people who are unaware of their existence or may not...