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How would I find out the Meaning behind a Third Eye Blind song?

I want to know what inspired Stephen Jenkins to write "The God of Wine" and what it means to him. Does anyone know of...

Third Hokage vs Neji Hyuga?

Neji has the Byakugan and Gentle Fist. He can see and sense all movements in an angle of 360 and is able to prevent...

Can anyone suggest any books involving the third eye,telekinesis,and witchcraft?

Please suggest books or courses or ebooks that you have tried or know someone who has tried or know the author to be a...

what are bands that are similar to Third Eye Blind and Everclear?

what are some bands that sound like these bands?

If humans had a third eye on the forehead, how would are vision improve?

For example, having 2 eyes, gives us depth perception...so a 3rd eye would give..? Anything? tdog: to see the future, lol

Questions about the Third Eye?

1) i have (or had rather) the ability to see ghosts/spirits... but recently, about a year and a half ago, i noticed that my...

Is it normal to see the cats third eye when the cats sleeps???

My cat sleeps sometimes and all you can see is that white layer that covers up the eyes I know that it protects them...

Is it psychic to feel a tingle/pressure where your third eye is?

I've felt it a couple times and I an a growing psychic so I was just wondering