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Why do psychiatrists love it so much when they see depressed people?

I've always noticed psychiatrists smiling when they see depressed people. Why is this?

How much money do people spend on their psychologists/psychiatrists?

I am writing an oratory for school, and one thing i need to find out is how much money people usually spend on their...

How much body armour should one wear for a night out in London?

I'm thinking blade resistant jacket, or chain mail, or maybe a bullet proof jacket what the police wear. and do I need to get...

How to do meditation? How much time? Where? Are there really advantages?

From many days i listening that there are to much advantages of meditation. If you experienced tell me practically how to do that meditation.some...

What are the chances of my Aura Photo being much more different/positive this year.?

First of all if you have anything negative to say use another question, if you believe then feel free to answer. Last September I went...

How much money do you spend on paranormal products and services?

How much do you spend on New Age or paranormal stuff? Things like tarot, psychic or aura readings, smudging sage, remote healing or anything...

How much time is needed to achieve meditation?

i know meditation is very good, but i want to know How much time is needed to achieve meditation? Thanks.

How much Kapalbhati pranayam should be practised? Please help!?

I used to do kapalbhati pranayam before but I think due to excessive practicing my body became "Khushk" or dry. Now after leaving it...