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On which level do you spend most of your time? What are you doing to shift to the next level of being?

Below are 7 levels of consciousness that clearly outline a path for our evolving consciousness: - tribal and mass consciousness - one obeys the group...

What has been the most effective occult book or online resource for a strong foundation in high Magik?

I'm looking for a strong Magikal foundation thats not steeped in deity worship or new agey concepts.

why do most pastors try and discourage women in the church from gaining too much spiritual power.?

most pastor discourage true spiritual growth from strong women of color in the church. why? making you feel worthless like you aren't capable...

Thank Freud for a new way to interpret Christianity and most religions! Please comment?

Freud stated that the human persona is made up of three main elements, the Super Ego, the Ego, and the Id. The Super Ego is...

Should Black people and most of the Americans read Lao Tzu's Tao Teh Ching?

They seem to lack knowledge, manner, respect, self esteem, and honor. All of which can be gained through reading the Chinese classics. Tao Teh...

Why is it that most people know the Buddha as the fat jolly character?

When in fact, wasn't Siddhartha Gautama, the first Buddha? He is portrayed as thin in statues.

What do you feel is the most constructive emotion/thought process?

I feel that it is awareness, because it is crucial to be aware of what we do, what we think, how we feel, and...

Where did Albert Einstein do most of his work?

hi, i need to know where Albert Einstein did most of his work for a project i am doing. I have read that he...