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Don't you think our intellectual mind set and ego comes in way of faith and trust in spiritualism ?

When stress is rising and value systems are deteriorating , it is very essential that we adopt spiritualism and train our mind. But don't...

How to stop a psychic vampire and mind trespasser?

(putting this question up again as I chose the wrong words to express myself and the question was deleted) There is this girl who can...

how do i exercise my mind so i can see spirits and and be able to develop psychic powers?

I really like these kinds of thing and ive heard doing mind exercises helps you develop powers and psychic powers

how to block a psychic from reading your mind?

i'm not joking and websites will help thanks don't give this 1 http://www.theastralworld.com/psychic-powers/psychic-attack.php already checked it out.

Are we the collective consciousness of one mind god-head of a higher dimension?

internet, superstring theory, m-theory, matrix, dimensional quantumn mechanics

A meditation to clear the mind of all thoughts?

I think too much and need a method of clearing the mind of all thoughts. I have tried meditation before bt it makes it worse,...