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Spiritually pondering, what do you think of psychic medium, Allison Dubois?

What do you think of the real lady who inspired the idea for the show Medium with Patricia Arquette? Do you think she is...

Is there any1 who can give me a tarot/psychic medium reading regarding love and job questions I have?

Also, would it be Ok if I can e-mail my question(s) & info to you to have read. Thanks.

Caylee Anthony goes to Psychic Medium?

I just watched this footage w/ psychic medium that says Caylee Anthony came to her and has several messages for the family. After watching...

I'm looking for a Psychic / Medium for a free reading.?

I'm looking for someone to give me a free psychic reading through email or IM.

where can i find a real true online medium or psychic that is free?

i need to find a real online medium or psychic who can help me talk to my uncle and see my future if there...

Is anyone in here a psychic or medium? I need some divine guidance & some questions answered.?

I'm in a bad space right now & i dont know why i feel this way. Will things get better generally? Will i get...