Where can I buy the best and accurate translation/explanation of Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Jing" (Dao De Jing)?

Its really difficult to find an accurate translation of lao tzu tao te jing. Can anyone introduce me to, what you believe, the most...

When it comes to reincarnation, could an old soul simply be a tremendous screwup?

Someone who has to play the game over and over because they just can't seem to put it all together for good in any...

What is a good guide to reading tarot cards?

I need something simple alot of the books seem very confusing.

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Miracles of self-respect: Meditation

When someone lacks self-respect, they live their life miserably. They shoulder the burdens of regret, shame, loathing and blame. They are prone to engaging themselves to self-destructive behavior because they have little value for themselves.

Osho Desert Ashram Israel

Osho Desert Ashram is a special place that helps you shed your layers of armor and come closer to yourself and to others. And to breath.

The Meanings behind Animal Spirit

People who are fond of animals are...

OSHO Miasto Italy

Osho Miasto the biggest Osho center in Italy, is located in a very quiet position, in the strong, wild and beautiful nature of Montagnola Senese, in Tuscany, close to Siena.

Magic Park : Arambol Goa

When you arrive on the Arambol beach located in North Goa, don’t be surprised if you are greeted by fancy signboards directing you to a magical Disneyland of spirituality. Welcome to Magic Park a spiritual heaven for new agers, artists, spiritual seekers, yoga freaks and vegan travelers. This Magic Park offers drop in workshops for bodywork, meditation, yoga, dancing, shiatsu, belly dance, chanting, singing and everything else.