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Why do you think so many urban legends claim that Albert Einstein was a Christian?

Considering how many times they've been discredited, why don't such stories ever seem to go away?

How many people know who Kahlil Gibran is?

And what is your favorite piece by him? I'm a teen and fell in love with Gibran after reading "the lonely poet." He is one...

Why is it that so many "intelligent minds" here on Yahoo answers….?

...have devoted their time to attacking Spiritual and Religious beliefs of those who would never concede to your theories and speculations about there not...

Why do so many men prefer to be knights in shining armor?

I have several women friends that are nice, attractive, educated, hard-working, professional, independent, child-free, spiritual, stable home owners that get no dates. I have...

Poll: How many of you believe in the supernatural (ghosts, premonitions, astral projection, etc.) and why?

Any personal experiences or do you just believe it because you've heard about them from others who say they've experienced something?

Why do so many materialists refer to spiritual people as brainwashed, delusional, or ignorant?

I have seen so many question of this nature on here and I find it offensive. What makes you sure that you are not...

How many of you know what a true Succubus is and looks like?

How many of you know what a true Succubus is and looks like?

How many of the following involve the self/ego concept?

Potential reasons a person does good: a) To get an eternal reward from god b) To ensure one’s actions promote good karma c) To get praise from...