I have serious emotions problems and need to see someone that specializes in energy and energy healing?

by arizonaoutback: I would like to talk to someone that specializes or can see energy/aka cords, chakrahs, emotional blocks, etc.. what...

The story of Jesus was borrowed from ancient pagan religions that predate the Bible?

If this is true, why has this information been withheld from the general public for so long? Now that we have the internet, will...

How does water on Earth’s surface perform “work”?

How does water on Earth’s surface perform “work”? When water moves it has potential energy. When water moves it has kinetic energy. The potential energy of water...

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Meditation and Labyrinths

Some people confuse labyrinths with mazes, but it's not a maze. It is more of a meditation that is in walking form. Let me explain. The labyrinth has a pathway that you walk in order to reach the center but it goes round and round, back and forth, until you reach the center. The key is to take slow steps and just walk towards the center; taking your time and following your breath.