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Kundalini rising? have you heard of this?

So maybe I'm experiencing this, but trying to remain grounded, read so many sites about this and some are quite full on. Is anyone else...

Can kundalini awakening lead to cold shivers through the heart region?

I have already experienced lunacy through faulty yoga practises 10 years ago. (manic, extremely joyful state, voices, visions etc). Now I feel these cold...

Are you doing, or thinking of doing kundalini yoga or chi kung? Please read these accounts if so…?

http://kundalini.se/eng/stories.html Jen - i speak from personal experience , you speak from fashionable celebrity magazines and the latest "fad". There is a deep science of...

Kundalini Yoga – anyone know of an affordable course in London?

Im interested in doing a yoga course, but there are lots of yoga places out there and would like to find a teacher who...

Can A Meditation Teacher Tell if Your Kundalini Is Already Awake?

I've read about Kundalini Syndrome-that if someone experiences a Kundalini awakening(Kundalini is the energy contained in a serpent-like coil at the spine at the...

I think I've had a kundalini awakening, does anyone here believe in that?

I have practiced yoga for three years and suddenly one day I went on this spiritual trip for a week

Kundalini Epilepsy

Kundalini epilepsy is presented as an unusual neurological complex or syndrome appearing among some mediations and spiritual techniques.Sometimes these kriyas in their extreme form may manifest in severe convulsion and seizures misunderstood as pathological epilepsy. These kundalini kriya as seizures are non- epileptic convulsions which are auto- corrector, they not only eliminate physical diseases but also, purify our karmas.