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Is a succubus a kind of vampire, or is it totally different?

Is a succubus a vampire, or a demon? Do they feed from energy or blood?

GREEN, in accordance to chakras/auras? What kind of energy is green, really?

I am pretty confused on the color green. A year or so ago, I was very surprised after reading about people with green auras...

Atheists : Do you believe in any kind of higher dimension/ intelligence/consciousness or do u totally deny it?

okay..so most of you atheists don't deny it... cool.. but you do deny it when people with simple perceptions refer to the same as 'god'? evolved :...

What is the purpose of astral projection and what kind of information do you get from it?

Also could I see numbers and street names of different places?

What kind of psychic powers do you think you have?

Do you have the ability to do things or see things as a psychic?

How do I work out what kind of body frame I am?

What I mean is how do I work out if I am a small, medium or large frame? I really have no idea. Thanks in...

What kind of crystal should I use? (Crystal healing)?

I don' think I need a crystal for any physical ailments, but mentally and spiritually, I want to learn to connect with myself and...

how can we get protected against any kind of blackmagic voodoo and negativity?

blackmagic is a very serious issue,some people think that it doesnt exist,some others think that if you dont believe on it it will not...