My aura is of the shades of violet. Wat does this mean?

I heard it means your physcic. Serious answers plz. Ok guys I'm 11 and not on drugs, So shut up you jerks.

Can you see auras?

Please describe how you see an aura.

If Buddha and Jesus, were to have a wizardry show down, who could perform the most miracles?

And ya had to pull from your Holy Books to cite which power they were using. Who would reign supreme teacher of gods and men?

Psychic said i have negative energy and wont date anyone should i believe her and other psychics is this right?

she said i have negative energy and i wont be dating my friend khirah because of it and my relationships wont last because of...

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Naruto Chapter 484: Is Karin actually a man?

I'm kind of second-guessing myself now... because...

What does karin mean when she says there is another chakra deep inside naruto? is she probably referring to the...