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Incubus in my home??

There's an incubus in my room who haunts me in the middle of the night. Basically it will put me in a state of...

Has anyone ever experienced this weird phenomena of sleep paralysis?

...and told it was some evil spirit sucking the life out of you? This happens to me all the time. It started when I was...

sleep paralysis or incubus?

i have had a feeling like something was holding me down on my bed, and i couldnt move my body. i would try to...

Christians ONLY: What are some tips on how to bless a house that has demons?

Think there is an some sort of evil spirit/demon in my house. Have had some experiences similar to the old hag and incubus encounters. I want...

does anybody have sleep paralysis stories that they would like to share?im me" sxmikemald?

I hae sleep paralysis and see the so called incubus"an evil entity" and i wanna hear some stories of other peoples experiances..

I am taking a poll to see how many people believe that succubi/incubi are real?

If you believe they are real; 1. Have you had or know someone who has had a succubus/incubus experience. 2. Have you tried to...

What kind of harm can an incubus inflict?

I've been reading about succubuses, but im wondering what an incubus can do...can he hurt you physically? please tell me in full detail if...

can someone here actually summon a demon?

like succubus or incubus