I need a good nonfiction book about auras and healing through them? I can see auras around everything I look ?

I can see auras around everything I look at, but I can't see the color that well. I really need a training book on...

Are There A Such Thing As A Succubus?

I have heard of a Pastor that exorcised a evil spirit that was tormenting a guy. The pastor called the evil spirit (Demon)...

In the bible it says "GOD is Light" Jesus is "the Light"….does that have anthing to do Quantum physics?

Light theory on matter formation..... http://www.meru.org/Newsletter/immortality.html maybe wave particle duality

During astral projection, is there a limit on how far into space one could go?

Could one simply travel as far as they like and explore the infinite ends of the universe, or is there a sort of "point...

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