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What happens in your brain when you listen to meditation music?

I am listening to it right now and it feels like there is something in the middle of my forehead and I also feel...

What happens in the the Samatha meditation method?

Does it include concentrate on breathing as well as focusing on one object or not? Because I'm confused.

What actually happens during meditation?

I want to take up yoga but my friend said meditating is a weird experience, what does it do?what does it achieve and what...

What happens when you have a near death experience?

You die, and then go back alive. So what is is. Can you see a light, god, or are you looking over the people?

What happens to the 9 tailed Fox chakra?

around episode 91-96 regular naruto episodes, while NAruto finally gets the rasengan and uses it against Kabuto, he is hit with some medical jutsu...

What happens if I do a chakra healing wrong?

I've just begun to explore crystal healing and I was wondering what would happen if i some how messed up a chakra healing....