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Can Dangerous Things Happen during Astral Projection?

Well, I've Astral Projected many times and during that time, I told a friend about it and she told me to read "Stranger with...

What would happen if we all reconsider Socrates, the real person instead of the version we have from Plato?

Please consider the fact that the ideas and approach of Socrates did not come to us from Socrates but from Plato and other writers....

Would you happen to know any succubi who are residing in the Mid-Ohio Valley?

I would really like to become a nightly feeding source to one or more succubi

What is supposed to happen when you become a Buddha?

So we go through our lives, different ones, over and over... we finally become a Buddha... then what?

What would happen if you showed an anorexic a pic of their body with their heads blacked out?

If they didn't realise it was their body would they think the person (them) looked like an ideal weight or would they still think...

What is going to happen in December 2012 and what should be done about it?

I've read that in Dec 2012 loads of stuff will happen. But ive read good and bad things. What do you think?