Astrology?! What is a word for all of it?

What is a word for astrology, tarot cards, psychics, palm reading, numerology, etc.?

How do you study a year and a day in Wicca?

I have been learning about Wicca since february this year and have been wanting to start my year and a day study soon.I was...

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Kundalini : Ancient Technology for Modern Times

Gopi Krishna was one of the first people to popularize the concept of Kundalini among Western readers.

Gopi Krishana Talks about Kundalini Awakening

Suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord. After having been engaged in meditation for many years, Gopi Krishna had his first Kundalini Awakening at the age of 34, which he describes thus in this video