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is anyone going through a spiritual awakening/crisis?

Hey everyone I have been going through a spiritual awakening. This all started in Jan 2007 and it started out great...I have been learning about...

Buddha coming and going?

We were once a Buddha but if we can fall into the world of Maya and take the form of ego-self and undergo sufferings,...

If you were going to someone's home for meditation in the evening (once a week and holidays), what would you

....expect and hope to find? What would make it really beautiful, a terrific place to be every so often? With respect to places...

I was going to use Sara Freder advice with the clairvoyance can anyone told me if its good that i decided no?

to go ahead ask for her advice furthermore i got this email from her and it said if i click here i could get...

Apocalypse 2012 believers—are you going to switch to 2019 when nothing happens in 2012?

And then 2036? In other words, will there ever be an end to this pernicious nonsense? (Powered by Yahoo Answers)

Does anyone believe the world is going to end in 2012?

Ive heard lots about mankind going to be wiped out by a natural disaster in 2012. Its been predicted by the people that predicted...

What is going to happen in December 2012 and what should be done about it?

I've read that in Dec 2012 loads of stuff will happen. But ive read good and bad things. What do you think?