All my fellow Atheists;Which makes more sense,reincarnation or judgment day?

I know that both of them can't be proved but which makes more sense?Which is more logical?I know that you guys are smart and...

Can anyone explain these tarot cards i drew?

i have been having issues with my friends (of like 4 years) lately, i just feel like they have gotten really shallow, mean, and...

Is the pentagram only for Wiccan and Pagan witches? Or all witches, even ones not committed to a religion?

Just curious, because I'm really into learning about witchcraft, and whenever I see a pentagram, it's referring to something Wicca or Pagan.

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Going beyond fears & following the Guidance to live life purpose – Lynda Mangoro, UK

Lynda is an author, artist and mentor whose guiding intention through everything she creates is to inspire others to connect to their authentic selves and awaken to their true nature, so they too live deeply enriched, fulfilled and purposeful lives. Lynda's creative gifts were evident from her early childhood, when even her teachers paid testament to her outstanding skills in both art and writing.

do any of you know what's going on?

Here's my opinion of the whole-2012 thing: Beings...

what's going on with my aura?

okay, so my mom can read auras...