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Can drugs take you to a higher form of consciousness? how do i learn about it

I'm not going to take it, I was just listening tool - 3rd eye, and i wanted to be educated.

What form of meditation produces the best results? A feeling of bliss?

Is it from a religion? A 'guru' ? Do you have to pay to learn it? Are the results fairly quick to notice or do...

Can listening to music or dancing be a form of meditation?

As a beginner, please give me some tips or info on meditation. Any info will be helpful. Thanks.

What is the best form of meditation to rid oneself of emotion?

By nature, I tend to be overly emotional and sensitive, this has caused me problems in the past. I was just wondering if anyone...

From one spirit to another… is spirit invocation, in any way, shape, or form, a reality?

However you want to define the term...Holy Spirit, non-physical being, incorporeal consciousness, supernatural being, the part of a person that leaves the body at...

Was Shamanism the oldest form of religion on earth?

I am courious as to your opinion on this. I know Shamanism is worldwide, from Africa, Europe, Northern/Southern America and elsewhere. Do you think...

Is deja vu some form of psychic power?

It's just so weird. (Powered by Yahoo Answers)

Astral projection as a form of space travel, is this the way forward?

7 months in a spaceship to get to mars, and we know there is little chance of finding anything Intelligent there.so why not astral...