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I'm initiated to Reiki I,is it normal for me to feel other people's chakra's without touching them?

I think it happens from time to time especially when I'm close to them,especially in a dialogue...Well...May that be true you think?Can I be...

How do you feel about reincarnation?

Opinions? What about the stories that turn up where young kids can recall past events or certain things? Not saying I believe in it personally, just...

When you die and you feel that inner peace as you slowly lose consciousness?

will god keep your brain pumped with endorphins just to make sure you high in heaven?

This is a question for G. Dubya Bush, please feel free to give me your thoughts as they are welcome..?

Dubya, as you're apparently comfortable with the fact that more than over 3,000 young U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq and thousands more...

Do the Japanese see my questions. I feel like they may be the only people that understand. Roboto?

I think the Japanese and I have evolved to a state of consciousness higher than the rest of the world. I loved the first Karate...

psychic why do i feel so depress and heatbroken every time someone said the guy that i like is not into me?

i feel like i'm about to die or have a heart attack, it hurt alot, i never felt this way before, i usually force...

Is it psychic to feel a tingle/pressure where your third eye is?

I've felt it a couple times and I an a growing psychic so I was just wondering

Why do some people feel that astral projection is wrong?

I am interested in hearing from people that follow some kind of organized religion as these are the people that don't seem to like...