I disappeared in the mirror while meditating…?

by bobbydigital1419: So I was (seriously) meditating for the first time because my neighbor, a very spiritual lady, recommended it to do...

Zen Buddhism?

How can one acheive meditation through daily activities? Is meditation limited to sitting down?

Strong Christians out there, do you think Buddha statues are cursed and what other objects can be cursed?

Show me some scriptures too and also what kind of things will happen when you leave these accursed items in your house?

Is Derek Acorah a real medium?

Just asking your opinion, do you think that Derek Acorah is a real psychic medium?

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Did you know: I can explain the Fall from Grace?

somewhat atleast: in the beginning humans had...

What field of science does the study of consciousness and dreams fall into?

If the study of consciousness,dreams,obe,etc can be classified...