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What are the advantages of opening one's third eye?

I do heard some morbid things about the experience of a person who has an open third eye..but I'm curious to it's advantages

What does it mean to "open your third eye"?

Does this have to do with religion? The supernatural? I've never really understood what this means, can anyone explain it to me? Thanks!

Can my iguana see the future with her third eye?

I think she also manipulates her environment with the force and uses telepathy to communicate with me. Although I don't understand her highly evolved...

What do you see if you open your third eye?

Im not sure if i believe that we all have one, but if we do, and we are lucky enough to open it, what...

Do you believe in the third eye?

I took a chakra test, and my Third Eye was the highest of all other chakras (50%). So I tried opening it, and...

Question about the "third eye"?

I just have a simple curiosity. I am not chalking anything up to be "spiritual" I simply have a query about something I have...

How would a psychiatrist explain the opening of the "third eye"?

Just rather curious. My former psychiatrist asked me if my third eye had opened. She understood.

How to open the third eye?

how do you open ur third eye a safe and fast way