If hell is eternal fire why can we not find a way to harness the energy & power our homes cheaply ?

Seeing some claim they have recorded the screams of people in hell in the earth. Could hell be the next great energy resource ?

How is meditation beneficial for you personally?

How do you meditate?...Can meditation really stop intrusive thoughts?...can you explain how you feel about your meditation. I simply wish to begin...

Why does Christianity feel so wrong, but Buddhism feels so right?

I was raised Christian, but once I was old enough to examine it, I read the bible, and found nothing but hate, hypocrisies, and...

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Gopi Krishna : How Consciousness Expands – Kundalini Awakening

For the first time in history, science is in the position to accurately describe the next step in human evolution and the biological mechanism behind the evolution of the brain. The world will be radically different in the New Age of Super-Consciousness, when nuclear weapons will no longer exist. Super-Conscious men and women will point the way to a healthier environment with living conditions and lifestyles in harmony with the demands of accelerated evolution. This is the realistic vision witnessed through the eyes of Pandit Gopi Krishna in a state of Cosmic Consciousness