Is it Violet-Hat time?

The Silver-Age of Aquarius is fast approaching, so where are your Violet-Hats? (I demand to see them lol) ______________ the reason Violet is so popular, is b/c...

What crystal can I use to heal my broken arm?

I don't care how much it costs. I can't use a plaster cast as my wristwatch won't fit over it.

Are there any SCIENTIFIC facts supporting "crystal healing" Scientists & rock specialists help?

Am looking for more homeopathic ways to help heal stress and other problems, many claim some semi precious stones can help do this and...

i'm looking for a forum dedicated to finding enlightenment thru evil and/or black magic. any suggestions?

by Analog_Ana: please don't direct me to the republican party website no but if you know of such a thing please enlighten me...

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