Angels and Entities: Relax You Got Cover

Angels and entities are known to be the guide or the messengers of God and creatures or life forms, respectively. Angels are commonly depicted to be existing in human forms wearing robes and having wings. Angels and entities may be your source of guidance for a deep understanding of your surroundings. You are powerful in your own way and if you experience some kind of happenings, so be it! Make your moments in life rich and extraordinary.

Are Entities keeping you from healing

Entities feed on our “negative” emotions/energy. They influence us to feel anger, grief, guilt, shame and all the emotions that seem to “drain” us. We really are being drained! This is the energy these beings want. They don’t want us going to healers, releasing old baggage, sealing old wounds. They certainly don’t want us shifting energy and stepping into a higher vibration that leaves them behind!