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I can generate some type of energy inside my body?

Hello, ive noticed this electric feeling i can produce somehow but never payed attention to it. I do it by kind of freesing by...

Do Catholics Believe In Chakras, spiritual energy, reincarnation, casting spells, etc?

I go to Catholic Social Services, and they have chakra opening music playing, and my counselor suggested that I try chakra meditation, and we...

To Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers…?

Do you think it is possible for certain modern pharmaceutical drugs to cause energy blockages, such as psychological medications who have sexual side effects...

What is the main source of energy for the earth?

I need help with this question on my homework please.

How can some atheists believe in energy, but scoff at the idea of an always-existing God?

Scientifically, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It is always existing. Why can't God be part of this? It makes sense! I hate when...