if you are a medium/psychic, what religion would you be?

if you believe in ghosts & demons and/or have seen them, & your wondering what religion would you have?

How do I use Chi Energy?

I am very interested in learning some type of Chi. I would like to learn how to feel it within me and outside of...

How did Socrates answer his questions about life?

Socrates became aware of the life around him and asked , "What is wisdom?" and "What is beauty?" and "What is the right thing...

Am I a shaman,witch, medium or chaneller?

I have displayed several spiritual girfts.None of which I can control. I have prohetic dreams, i see auras, I have been visited by animal...

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The Meanings behind Animal Spirit

People who are fond of animals are...

Lucid Dreaming

Once your dreams are known, then you can be helped to become more natural, less repressive, and more honest with yourself.

Interpreting Dreams

According to Freud, our dreams are a representation of our unconscious desires, thoughts and motivations. Dreams are projection of our repressed desires, buried deep in our subconsciousness, Though, for past many centuries, Tibetan Monks and Indian Yogis have been using Yog Nidra or lucid dreaming to explore in the basement of their subconsciousness, A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming and can utilize the extraordinary power of subconsciousness.

What field of science does the study of consciousness and dreams fall into?

If the study of consciousness,dreams,obe,etc can be classified...