In order to be really funny, is it necessary to abandon your self-consciousness?

There are some really smart people that I find funny, but I must admit to being quite amused by those who are willing to...

Is it dangerous to watch a Ouija board experience via a computer?

I watched a youtube video that documented a "real" experience with a Ouija board. Supposedly, if you use a Ouija board, the spirit you...

I personally don't want to ever hear about a crown chakra for the rest of my life?

It sounds like Jesus' Crown on Easter at best, and tired and old Mid-Eastern 1600's religion at worst. For dear god sakes, don't...

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New moons, full moons and Ions – how are you affected?

Each month we experience a new moon then two weeks later a full moon. I think everyone has experienced the feeling of full moon energy, did you know new moons, positive and negative ions influence you too?

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Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming Techniques and Deepening an out-of-body experience