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How can you say that Paganism is a tolerant religion? Don't you know that Pagans killed Socrates??

Pagans were fundamentalists in the ancient Greece. All religions are "tolerant" when is NOT an state religion. What do you think?????????

In the movie Kundun I don't understand, Dalai Lama reborn??? what?

Okay I dont know much about the Dalai Lama, but what I thought is that there was just the one guy and he was...

Kundalini Reiki: Don’t Just Heal, Evolve!

Reiki is a wonderful healing art, and in all of its varieties seems to work well enough, at least for hands-on healing. But...

How many of you people who don't believe in spirits have actually attempted to summon one?

I mean like performing a Goetic evocation with light entheogenic enhancement? Do you even really know what people are talking about when they say "spirits"? Silly...

Im interested in tantra but dont have a regular partner….how important is sex for spiritual development?

I'm in early twenties and honestly look at sex as a way to better understand yourself and be more in touch with yourself and...