Is it possible for a Tai-Chi martial artist to best a Boxer?

Please provide your side of the argument with back up versus one statement opinions, thank you! I'm really curious as to how a tai...

Why is the term enlightenment used so loosely?

There are so many meanings to this word and yet I would like to know why we so often forget that it was the...

Controlling Dreams

If you have difficulty recalling the dreams, here's a little strategy: try setting your alarm for a time much earlier from when you would normally awaken. Then remain relaxed and put your notes in reverse order, as mentioned earlier. If you're worn-out, let yourself go back to bed and put the notes in order when you wake up.Elementary as it may sound, intention plays a substantial role as well. You wouldn't go into a business meeting underprepared. In the same way, if you're serious about awakening in dreams, you'll want to cool off and stretch out right before bed. Then as you get into bed, tell yourself you'll have a a lucid dream.

How do you get rid of a ouija board after you have used it?

My friend has a ouija board that she wants to get rid of, but before she does she wants us to use it to...

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