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What's the difference between Hindu meditation and Buddhist meditation?

Besides the fact that hindus are looking to re-attach themselves with Brahma and Buddhist are looking for nirvana what are the differences?

Whats the difference between psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists?

Which is the best mental health doctor to speak to. I know psychiatrists perscribe medication and the other two do not. A freind of...

What is the difference between the fat and jolly appearing buddha and the buddha with the funky hair or hat?

I see the fat buddha everywhere for imagery of buddha, but when i go to look up information on buddha himself i find many...

What is the difference between psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists?

I was recently filling out a quiz, and i had to say what career I wanted to pursue. I couldn't tell the differences between...

whats the difference between a succubus and an incubus?

are they the same thing? which one is male and which one is female then?

What's the difference between an empath, psychic, fortune teller, and medium?

I'm not suppose to say anything if I have visions/dreams? What if you see possibilities of the future? What does that make you?