Do you think that the path to enlightenment can be received in a dream?

I read somewhere that the Buddha saw the path to enlightenment in a dream....What do you think???

What's the best type of yoga for weight loss?

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How do I become more calm and spiritual?

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Why do courts mandate 12 step programs when they are clearly based in religion?

I wouldn't think it possible to order someone to participate in a program that is based in religious beliefs. How do courts get...

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Breaking the pattern of conditioning : J Krishnamurti

Are we coming, meeting together? Or are you sitting separate over there and the speaker over here? We are physically, but is there any kind of communication between us? Is there any kind of observation of the common factor together? Do we both see, not only intellectually, verbally but actually as a fact – the fact. This microphone is a fact. Can we see the fact in ourselves that as long as you are committed, attached tied to something, to a person, to a belief, to a concept, there must be corruption? These are J. Krishnamurti Fourth Public Talk in Saanen in July 1980