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How can I find out the color of my aura?

How do I find a person who knows how to read auras, where would I get this information?

For those that can see/sense the Chakras, what color does the Crown Chakra look like to you?

Is it usually violet? Magenta? Gold? White? I'm confused, as there are many supposed colors it is said to be.

Did I do my aura color reading correctly?

I looked in a mirror at my third eye chakra. A white covered window was my background. When I closed my eyes, I swear...

Who has had their aura read? What color were you, what did it entail?

I've been wanting to get my aura read for quite some time, list your experiences here... be detailed, what color is your aura? What...

What color to paint the kitchen for good feng shui?

I have recently started reading about Feng Shui and learned that our kitchen is in the worst part of the house (Northwest) and that...

How can I detect the color of my energy or aura?

Is it based on appearance? personality ? thoughts? what ? Any help or links on how to detect my aura is very thoughtful. Thanks in...

Changing the color of your aura?

Is there anyway you can? I primarily have a green aura, with blue around my mouth and neck, confirmed by my girlfriend, but sometimes...