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Is there a Registered Clairvoyant in the house?

im curious....how exactly does one go about finding a registered clairvoyant? i reaaaalllly wanna see one! HAHAHA your all very funny 🙂 thanks for the...

How do you explain a clairvoyant seeing dead people they never heard of or ever met?

They come up with their names, know what they look like, and meantion very personal information only their friends and family would know. There...

Where can I find a good clairvoyant?

My wonderful pet parrot as been missing for 3 days now and I'm desperate to know where she might be:( Where can...

Anyone clairvoyant or does tarot readings?

I need some help and advice with something can you email me please?

could someone tell me whether i can learn to be clairvoyant or clairaudient if i am already clairsentient?

i am clairsentient and sometimes i struggle with not having clearer signs, i think i'd be a bit scred if i saw anything, but...

Did anyone ever had a real encounter with a real clairvoyant?

if u did pleas tell me about it. why do u think they were reall and where can i find that person