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Is Deepak Chopra a traitor for calling Rush Limbaugh immoral?

What right does any of us have to judge someone for drug abuse, child abuse, divorce, gluttony, or whatever? Shouldn't we forgive those who...

What religion does Deepak Chopra follow and belong to?

I know he has recently published two bestselling books about Jesus. Is Chopra a Christian?

How is it that Dr Deepak Chopra was involved in many celebs lives?

I find it interesting that Dr Chopra was a close friend to Michael Jackson. He was also to have lunch with Heath Ledger, the...

How can I find the question from Deepak Chopra?

When I log into Yahoo Answers, different long-running questions appear near the upper right-hand corner. This morning there was one by Deepak Chopra,...

Is Dr. Deepak Chopra living on this earth, or a parallel universe where catch phrases alone save the world?

I know I'm not alone in thinking Deepak Chopra's ideas are akin to felt pictures of Unicorns. In skepticism we have two canonical sayings: “Extraordinary...

Deepak Chopra?

I like some of his teachings and think that they are wounderful. What do you think?