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What should i look at for begginers in chakra meditation?

show me what to read, listen to, for begginers in chakra meditation.

Which chakra??????????????????????/?

I'm writing a book, and I'm thinking of using chakras. So I looked them up and saw levitation categorized under the throat chakra, but...

Does aderrall mimick the effects of a balanced navel chakra?

If you don't believe in chakras don't even bother reading this and I don't want to hear your opinions on how you think it's...

pineal gland awakening? 6th chakra?

well i smoked alot of pot one night and tried one of the 3rd eye meditations and when i did i imagined the color...

"THIRD EYE"when will my third eye/6 chakra be open ive been feeling pressure at the right side of my fore head?

when will my third eye/6 Chakra be open ive been feeling pressure at the right side of my fore head, sometimes its in the...

Does one blocked chakra mean that all of those above it are also blocked?

If one chakra is blocked, is it still possible for the higher ones to be open or does a blocked chakra mean that all...

What does my chakra test mean?

Heres the results of my chakra test, i don't really understand what they mean and was hoping someone else could help. Root:under-active(-19%) Sacral:under-active(-12%) Navel:open(56%) Heart:under-active(-31%) Throat:open(44%) Third Eye:open(31%) Crown:under-active(6%)

What chakra are you, also vat do you vant from meh?

Yo sun sign? Yo moon sign? Lol. I am da Sacral Chakra You are open hearted and expressive. You let your feelings be known, without being too emotional...