What is the difference between reincarnation in Hinduism and rebirth in Buddhism.?

Please no long summary.. Short andsimple answers. Don't go into to much detail because I'm already to confuse..

An…Online School(s) of Magick arts, And the occult?

I am curious if there are...Any of these, online for free. That teach at least something worthwhile. Self Study Articles may also be posted,...

Third Eye Meditation

Often lots of people's third eye are not open because they are blocked. The third eye is a sixth chakra but connected to the first, second and third chakra's and blockages in this lower chakra's will also cause a blockage in the sixth. Oftentimes, the cause of blockages are fear and disbelief, though Tibetans and Indian yogis believe third eye is blocked for past life karma . Some people refuse to believe that they are blessed with a sixth sense while others are anxious of the images they might see once they have opened theirs.

What Is An Aura And How Do You See It?

Well i was on Quibblo(again) and there was a quiz about some color that you see when you look in a mirror in the...

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